Section 5: Livestock Production

Animals that are raised on farms or ranches are called livestock. Livestock are domestic animals. This means they are not wild animals but have been tamed to live in a human environment. The most common types of livestock found in North Dakota include beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, horses, and poultry. Other kinds of specialty livestock such as goats, rabbits, and emus are also raised in the state.

Livestock Terms

Cattle young = heifer
mature = cow
bull calf steer
young = pig
mature = hog
young = gilt
mature = sow
boar piglet barrow
Sheep ewe ram lamb wether
Horse under age 4= filly
over age 4=mare
under age 4 = colt
over age 4 = stallion
foal gelding
Chicken hen rooster chick capon
Turkey hen tom poult --------
Goat nanny goat billy goat kid wether
Rabbit doe buck kit --------