Part 2: Production Agriculture

Questions: Sections 9-11

Comprehension Questions

  1. About how much does a piglet weigh at birth? At about what age is the hog ready for market? How much does it weigh then?
  2. Name some pork products.
  3. Sheep are raised for what two purposes? Name some woolen products.
  4. Which people  first used horses in North Dakota? Which people later used horses for transportation and power in North Dakota? What are most horses in the state used for today?
  5. Name the three classifications of horses.
  6. Which class of horses is used mostly for pleasure riding, showing, and racing? What is the class of small horses called?
  7. Which class of horses is the heaviest and most muscular? What was this type of horse used for on North Dakota farms 100 years ago? What are they mainly used for today?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Which type of sheep would be more likely to live on the farm for many years—the ones raised for mutton or the ones raised for wool? Explain.