Part 2: Production Agriculture

Questions: Sections 2-3

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the major crop of North Dakota?
  2. Name the tall structure that contains a lifting device and bins for grain storage.
  3. What is the largest flour mill in the state? Where is it located? What brand of flour does it produce?
  4. What are the main wheat crops in North Dakota? Which is used for bread-making? Which is the hardest of all wheats? Its hardness makes it the best kind of wheat for producing what?
  5. Which kind of barley is used by humans for food and beverages? Which kind is used for livestock feed? North Dakota is number one in the United States for the production of which kind?
  6. Which cereal grain is raised primarily for livestock feed with only about 5 percent used as human food? Name some human food uses from this crop.

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Do you think “cereal” is a good name for a type of breakfast food? Explain.