Part 2: Production Agriculture

Questions: Sections 12-14

Comprehension Questions

  1. For what two purposes are poultry raised? What are the most common types of poultry raised in North Dakota? About how many eggs per year does each chicken lay?
  2. Explain why turkey meat is so healthful. Why are domesticated turkeys unable to fly?
  3. What is grit? How is it used by birds?
  4. Name some specialty livestock raised in North Dakota.
  5. For what purpose are goats raised?
  6. Which type of specialty livestock is related to the camel? Why do some sheep ranchers own one of these animals?
  7. What are the two significant jobs of bees? Name some crops that depend on bees. About how many  flowers does it take for bees to make one tablespoon of honey?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. If you were able raise one kind of specialty livestock, which type would you choose? Explain.