Part 2: Production Agriculture

Questions: Section 1

Comprehension Questions

  1. Name the three major natural regions of North Dakota.
  2. Which region has the most fertile soil? What makes soil fertile? Name the main crops of this region.
  3. Which region covers most of the eastern half of North Dakota? How did this region get good soil?
  4. Which region is the highest land in the state? What is the eastern part of this region called?
  5. Which part of North Dakota was not covered by the last glacier? What created the features of this area? What type of agriculture is practiced in this area?
  6. What kind of climate does North Dakota have? Describe this climate.
  7. Which part of the state gets the most precipitation? Which part of the state has the coldest temperatures?
  8. What two factors determine the type of agriculture that can be practiced in a region?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Why don’t people go fishing in Lake Agassiz?