Part 2: Production Agriculture

Questions: Sections 5-8

Comprehension Questions

  1. Name the most common types of livestock raised in North Dakota.
  2. What are cattle? In what part of the state are most of the beef cattle raised?
  3. Name some common cuts of beef.
  4. Name the most common breeds of beef cattle in North Dakota.
  5. Which breed of beef cattle was developed by a North Dakota farmer-rancher? What is unusual about their appearance?
  6. About how many dairy farms are found in North Dakota today? What is the most popular breed of dairy cattle?
  7. What tourist attraction is located at New Salem, North Dakota? Why was it built?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Pretend you are in charge of building the “world’s largest beef cow.” What breed would you choose to represent beef cattle of North Dakota? Why? Where would you have the statue placed? Explain.