Part 1: North Dakota Agriculture

Questions: Sections 14-15

Comprehension Questions

  1. Name some effects of World War I on North Dakota agriculture.
  2. What two factors caused North Dakota farmers to lose money during World War I?
  3. Name some factors that resulted in North Dakota farms becoming larger.
  4. What are the results of a depression?
  5. During what decade did the Great Depression take place? What else happened that added to the effects of the depression?
  6. How did thousands of North Dakota farm families lose their farms during the 1930s? Explain.

Critical Thinking Question

  1. In 1930, the population of North Dakota was about 681,000. By 1940, it had declined to about 642,000, a loss of 39,000 people (681,000 – 642,000 = 39,000). Since 121,000 people had moved out of the state during that decade, how could the population have declined by only 39,000 people?