Part 1: North Dakota Agriculture

Questions: Sections 1-4

Comprehension Questions

  1. When do archaeologists believe the first people came to North Dakota?
  2. Who were the first people to carry out farming as a business in North Dakota?
  3. Which three agricultural tribes banded together? Which members of the tribes did the farming?
  4. What was the major crop of the agricultural tribes? What was the first crop to be planted and the last to be harvested?
  5. Name some threats to the crops in the fields. What were two methods used to protect the crops?
  6. How did the nomadic tribes pay for the food they bought from the agricultural tribes?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. The area surrounding the confluence of the Missouri and Knife Rivers has been called “The Marketplace of the Central Plains.” What other slogans (sayings) could describe this area? Explain.