Part 2: Geography

Questions: Sections 3-4

Comprehension Questions

  1. What are North Dakota’s three natural regions?
  2. What natural feature forms the eastern border of North Dakota?
  3. What direction does the Red River flow?
  4. How many years ago did the last glacier in North Dakota melt?
  5. What was the gigantic lake that was formed when rivers were blocked by glaciers?
  6. How long did Lake Agassiz exist?
  7. What is the lake bed of Lake Agassiz now called?
  8. Why has the Red River Valley been called “The Breadbasket of the World?"
  9. What is the lowest land in North Dakota?
  10. How does the width of the Red River Valley vary?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Why can we say that the Red River Valley was misnamed?
  2. Why don’t people go fishing in Lake Agassiz?