Part 2: Geography

Questions: Section 6

Comprehension Questions

  1. A high plain is called what?

  2. What is the highest area of land in the state called?

  3. What two features shaped the Missouri Plateau?

  4. What is “The Big Muddy”?

  5. The Missouri River flows into what river?

  6. Why was the Garrison Dam built?

  7. Name the largest man-made lake in the state.

  8. Name the lake that begins at a dam in South Dakota and stretches 60 miles into North Dakota.

  9. What is the highest point in the state?

  10. What two natural forces created the Badlands?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Lake Sakakawea is a prime recreation area for many people. What problems did the creation of the lake cause some people? 

  2. Why can we say that the Killdeer Mountains were misnamed?