Part 2: Geography

Questions: Section 7

Comprehension Questions

  1. A line that separates river systems that flow to opposite sides of a continent is called what?

  2. The north-south continental divide in North Dakota is called what?

  3. Where do the waters of the Missouri River end up?

  4. Where do the waters of the Red River end up?

  5. The Sheyenne River flows into what river?

  6. The James River flows into what river?

  7. Where do the waters of the Mouse River end up?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Someone standing on the Great Divide would see a very different view from what someone standing on the Northern Divide would see. Explain.
  2. Pretend you get into a boat on either the James or the Sheyenne River, but you don’t know whether it is the James or the Sheyenne. Pretend you float in that boat all the way to the ocean. When you get to the ocean, you will know which river you started out on. How will you know?