Part 5: The Frontier Army

Questions: Sections 8-9

Comprehension Questions

  1. What were army leaders called? What were men called who joined the army for a job?
  2. What were some forms of entertainment for the soldiers at army forts?
  3. Name the color used to decorate the uniforms of each branch of the army.
  4. Wives and children who lived with soldiers at the forts were called what?
  5. What were the women who did the soldiers’ laundry called?
  6. In what section of the fort did the laundresses live?
  7. Which people were most affected by the westward movement of Euro-Americans?
  8. What ended the Frontier Era in North Dakota?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Life at the frontier army forts was difficult. Explain why each of the following may have chosen this life: enlisted man, camp follower, officer’s wife, laundress.