Part 5: The Frontier Army

Questions: Sections 1-3

Comprehension Questions

  1. What was organized in 1861? What did it include?
  2. What did President Lincoln order after over 300 Dakota warriors were threatened with hanging?
  3. Where did the Dakota people go after the trouble in Minnesota?
  4. What two army leaders and their armies were sent into North Dakota to round up the Dakota people?
  5. Many Dakota women and children drowned in the Missouri River as they were fleeing from whom?
  6. What did Sibley and his troops do with the Dakotas’ provisions and supplies they found beside the Missouri River?
  7. What was the bloodiest conflict in the history of North Dakota?
  8. What did Sully and his troops do with half a million pounds of bison meat and other food after the battle?
  9. What two battles did Sully and his troops fight in western North Dakota?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Describe the points of view of both the settlers and the Dakota people in Minnesota in 1862.