Part 1: Early Settlement of North Dakota

Questions: Sections 7-8

Comprehension Questions

  1. What was the major transportation route used by the first non-Indian residents in eastern North Dakota? In western North Dakota?
  2. What are the people called who are part American Indian and part European?
  3. What invention carried furs between Fort Garry, Pembina, and St. Paul?
  4. What was the primary means of transportation on the Upper Missouri in the 1860s?
  5. Which steamboat carried news of Custer’s defeat in Montana back to Bismarck? Who was its captain?
  6. How long did steamboat travel on the Red River continue? What year did it end?
  7. Which steamboat served the Devils Lake region for 25 years? Where is its pilot wheel now located?
  8. What ended the stagecoach era in North Dakota?
  9. What is an iron horse?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Steamboat travel was more comfortable than stagecoach travel. Explain why people traveled by stagecoach rather than steamboat between Bismarck and Deadwood.