Part 1: Early Settlement of North Dakota

Questions: Sections 1-6

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who was the U.S. president who signed the bill creating Dakota Territory? In what year?
  2. Who appointed the first governor of Dakota Territory? Who was the first governor?
  3. What was the law-making body of the territory called? It was composed of what?
  4. Name the first capital of Dakota Territory. Where was it located?
  5. What U.S. government body was in charge of organizing and naming territories?
  6. What did a town need in order to become a county seat?
  7. The power that groups have in controlling decisions about government is called what?
  8. Who became the agent for the Northern Pacific Railroad Company? What county office did he hold?
  9. Who was the territorial governor who wanted the capital moved?
  10. Where did the nine-member capital relocation commission meet?
  11. What is a “capital”? What is a “capitol”?
  12. What is a town planned on paper but never built called?
  13. Which city was chosen as the new capital of Dakota Territory?
  14. A plan of government is called what?
  15. Which U.S. president signed the bill creating North Dakota? On what date?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Explain why it might not be a good idea for the governor to be good friends with a powerful railroad agent.
  2. Describe how you would have felt if you had been a resident of Yankton when the “meeting on wheels” was held, and how you would have felt if you had been a resident of Bismarck.