Part 5: Symbols

North Dakota Coat of Arms

The Governor’s flag

Figure 58. The Governor’s flag includes the North Dakota Coat of Arms. (State of ND)

STATE COAT OF ARMS. A coat of arms is a shield with designs that represent a family or government. The North Dakota coat of arms, adopted in 1957, is shaped like an arrowhead. It is colored gold and green and has the words “Strength From the Soil” to show that North Dakota is a great agricultural state. Three stars in the center represent the three branches of government. Above the shield is a bow with three arrows.

The state coat of arms may be used by the Governor, the North Dakota National Guard, North Dakota veterans’ organizations, and certain state government departments.

The official North Dakota Governor’s flag features the state coat of arms in the center of a green background. It also has a star in each of the four corners.