Part 5: Symbols

Questions: Section 5

Comprehension Questions

  1. The North Dakota state flag was copied after what flag?
  2. Who owns the Great Seal of North Dakota?
  3. Whose permission is needed in order to use the Great Seal of North Dakota?
  4. What is North Dakota’s motto?
  5. What is a shield with designs that represents a family or government called?
  6. What is in the center of the North Dakota Governor’s flag? In each corner?
  7. Name these state symbols:
    Tree _______________________
    Beverage ___________________
    Dance _____________________
    Horse _____________________
    Song ______

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. The American Elm, North Dakota’s state tree, is pictured on the Great Seal of North Dakota. The Great Seal was designed when North Dakota became a state. How many years later was the American Elm chosen as the state tree?
  2. Do you think the North Dakota flag does a good job of representing North Dakota? Explain.
  3. What are some other symbols that you would like North Dakota to adopt as state symbols? Why?