Part 4: Reservations in North Dakota

Questions: Sections 1-2

Comprehension Questions

  1. Name North Dakota’s Indian reservations.
  2. Name the reservation in South Dakota that extends slightly into southeastern North Dakota.
  3. What tribes make up the Three Affiliated Tribes?
  4. What reservation was set up for the Three Affiliated Tribes?
  5. What area on the reservation had very rich farmland, good grazing land, timber, orchards, and a lot of wild game?
  6. Where was the first headquarters of the Three Affiliated Tribes?
  7. A wall built across a river in order to hold back the water is called what?
  8. What was built in the 1950s that forever changed the way of life for the people of Fort Berthold Reservation?
  9. Water that is held back by a dam forms what?
  10. What lake was formed as a result of the Garrison Dam?
  11. What is the largest lake in North Dakota and the third largest man-made lake in the United States?
  12. Name the new towns built on the reservation to replace the ones that were destroyed.
  13. The building of what bridge was the largest bridge project in state history?
  14. What is the name of the college located on the Fort Berthold Reservation?
  15. What business employs hundreds of people from the Three Affiliated Tribes?
  16. Where is the tribal headquarters of the Three Affiliated Tribes?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Imagine that you are living in Elbowoods in 1953. Describe your feelings after you learn about the building of Garrison Dam.
  2. A bridge was not built across the widest part of Lake Sakakawea. Why?