Part 4: Reservations in North Dakota

Part 4: Vocabulary


  • Wall built across a river to hold back the water

Devils Lake:

  • Largest natural body of water in North Dakota
  • “Spirit Lake” is the Dakota name for the lake
  • Northern border of Spirit Lake Nation Reservation

Fort Berthold Reservation:

  • Reservation of Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara)
  • Located along the Missouri River in the west-central part of the state
  • Tribal headquarters is at New Town

Four Bears Bridge:

  • Moved from Elbowoods to New Town in 1955
  • New bridge built in 2005
  • Nearly one mile long
  • Crosses Lake Sakakawea at New Town
  • Named after a Mandan chief and a Hidatsa chief both named “Four Bears”

Garrison Dam:

  • On the Missouri River
  • Purpose—to block the flow of water to control downstream flooding
  • Built in 1950s

Lake Oahe:

  • Located on the Missouri River in southern North Dakota
  • Created when a dam was built in South Dakota on the Missouri River
  • Forms the eastern boundary of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

Lake Sakakawea:

  • Lake created by Garrison Dam
  • Largest body of water in North Dakota
  • Third largest man-made lake in the United States
  • Flooded prime land on Fort Berthold Reservation
  • Water recreation area


  • Marker to remember something or someone


  • Area of fruit trees

Sisseton Reservation:

  • Headquarters and most of the land is in South Dakota
  • Part of it is in the extreme southeast corner of North Dakota

Spirit Lake Nation Reservation:

  • Home of the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Dakota Sioux
  • Located in northeastern North Dakota
  • First called “Fort Totten Reservation,” then “Devils Lake Sioux Reservation”
  • Tribal headquarters is at Fort Totten

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation:

  • Home to Lakota and Dakota Sioux
  • Located about 40 miles south of Mandan and extends into South Dakota
  • Almost entirely in Sioux County
  • Tribal headquarters is at Fort Yates

Turtle Mountain Reservation:

  • Home of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
  • The Métis are part of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
  • Tribal headquarters is at Belcourt