Part 1: Geology

Questions: Sections 7-8

Comprehension Questions

  1. About how long ago did the Cenozoic Era begin?
  2. Into what two periods is the Cenozoic Era divided?
  3. In which era do we now live?
  4. In which period do we now live?
  5. What kind of coal is found in North Dakota?
  6. What has the Cenozoic Era been called?
  7. Name some of the mammals that lived in North Dakota during the Tertiary Period.
  8. What is petrified wood really made of ?
  9. What is the state fossil of North Dakota?
  10. What are teredos?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. How was the formation of coal different from the formation of petroleum and natural gas?
  2. Why can’t new petrified trees be planted in petrified forests?