Part 2: Fur Trade on the Red River

Questions: Section 4

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who did many French fur traders marry?
  2. What are children of Indian and “white” couples called?
  3. How often did the Métis go on bison hunts into central North Dakota?
  4. Conflicts between the rival fur trading companies, Hudson’s Bay Company and North West Company, were called what?
  5. Name the water highway used by fur traders in the Pembina area.
  6. What Métis invention changed the mode of transportation for the Red River fur trading industry?
  7. What two animals were used to pull the Red River carts? Which one was stronger?
  8. Who organized the first Red River cart caravan between Pembina and St. Paul? What was his nickname?
  9. Red River cart trails extended between what two major trade centers?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. If you travel north on the Red River, you are going downstream. If you travel north on the Missouri River you are going upstream. Explain.