Part 2: Fur Trade on the Red River

Questions: Section 3

Comprehension Questions

  1. Name the first European settlement in North Dakota that included women and children. Where was it located?
  2. Who brought shiploads of families from Scotland to the Red River Valley?
  3. Who led the survey in 1823 which located the 49th parallel?
  4. On what date was the U.S. flag displayed at Pembina?
  5. The residents of Pembina were surprised to learn what?
  6. Hudson’s Bay Company ordered all of its employees in Pembina to do what?
  7. The Selkirk colonists moved from Pembina to where?
  8. After the border between the United States and Canada was determined, what company left North Dakota, and what company moved into Pembina?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Explain why the Hudson’s Bay Company established a trading post in the United States, and why they later pulled out of the United States.