Part 3: North Dakota Pioneers

Questions: Sections 9-10

Comprehension Questions

  1. What did the Dakota territorial legislature law passed in 1883 create?
  2. When North Dakota became a state, about how many schools were there in the state?
  3. How long were most school terms? If school was not held during the winter, what was the term called?
  4. What did many immigrant children learn for the first time when they went to school?
  5. Who was responsible for keeping the schoolhouse clean and warm?
  6. What did a female teacher need to do if she got married?
  7. What form of transportation, other than walking or using horses, did many teachers use?
  8. About 20 years after North Dakota became a state, how many schools were there in the state?
  9. What was a major highlight of the school year?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. If you were a pioneer child, would you rather attend a country school or a town school? Explain.
  2. Give a student’s point of view of having the teacher board at the student’s home.