Part 3: North Dakota Pioneers

Questions: Sections 11-13

Comprehension Questions

  1. Immigrants were able to preserve the language and culture of their homelands through what?
  2. What organization did women establish in churches?
  3. What language was used in the church services?
  4. To what ethnic group did people of the English Lutheran Church belong?
  5. Which church groups were more likely than others to build large, fancy church buildings?
  6. What did the churches celebrate that helped the community meet cultural needs?
  7. What was a customary evening event in the homes of some ethnic groups?
  8. Where were the social centers of the early North Dakota pioneers?
  9. What buildings later became gathering places for community functions?
  10. What were the auction sales called at which boxes of food were bid on?
  11. Name two areas that were set aside for men only.
  12. Name two major summer highlights for many communities.
  13. What were theaters called in which live performances were held?
  14. Who purchased one of the first automobiles in the state? When and where was the first auto race in the state?
  15. In 1905, the North Dakota legislature passed the first laws dealing with what?
  16. What was the average size of a farm in 1900?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Which do you think would be more important to build first in a pioneer community—a church or a school? Explain.
  2. Do you think the first traffic laws were reasonable? Explain.