Part 3: North Dakota Pioneers

Questions: Sections 1-3

Comprehension Questions

  1. According to Euro-Americans, when did the settlement of North Dakota begin? How long did it take North Dakota to become settled with Euro-Americans?
  2. How did the majority of the pioneers travel to North Dakota?
  3. Special trains that brought immigrants from Atlantic seaports to North Dakota were called what? Name the immigrant port of the United States.
  4. With the coming of railroads, what sprang up along the railroad lines?
  5. What were people called who bought land at a cheap price in order to make money selling it at a higher price?
  6. If a town did not develop as mapped out, what was it called?
  7. Who made the final decision on where a town would be located?
  8. What was the name of the business that rented horses and buggies?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. If you were opening a business in a pioneer town, what kind of business would you open? Explain.