Part 3: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Questions: Section 5

Comprehension Questions

  1. What tiny creatures gave the expedition party the most trouble?
  2. About how much meat did each man in the expedition eat each day?
  3. Who took responsibility for seeing that the men ate a more balanced diet?
  4. Who saved valuable papers and instruments when a boat was capsizing?
  5. What did Clark expect to see when he got to the top of a high mountain? What did he actually see?
  6. Why was Sakakawea so happy when she saw the Shoshone chief? What was his name?
  7. What did the expedition get from the Shoshone?
  8. What did the expedition members see on November 7, 1805?
  9. What did Sakakawea get to do 119 years before American Indians were given this right by the U.S. government?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Explain how Clark probably felt when he looked west from the top of what he thought was the highest peak of the Rocky Mountains.