Part 3: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Questions: Section 4

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is significant about October 14, 1804?
  2. The Mandan and Hidatsa villages along the Missouri and Knife Rivers made up the largest what?
  3. How did the population of the Mandan and Hidatsa villages compare with that of St. Louis?
  4. What did Lewis and Clark name their winter home?
  5. What happened for the first time in North Dakota on Christmas Day, 1804?
  6. Who was hired as a Hidatsa interpreter? Who was his 16-year-old wife?
  7. What tribe had Sakakawea been born into? How old was she when she came to live with the Hidatsa?
  8. Who was the only African-American member of the expedition?
  9. What was the low temperature reached at Fort Mandan during the winter of 1804–05?
  10. What expedition member used North Dakota lignite to make metal things?
  11. What is a person called who makes and shapes articles out of iron? What type of stove is used to heat the iron?
  12. What was the name of Sakakawea and Toussaint Charbonneau’s baby? What was his nickname?
  13. Where did the keelboat head in the spring of 1805?
  14. What were “barking squirrels”?
  15. The confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers is near what present-day city?


Critical Thinking Question

  1. The Corps of Discovery brought only one dog along on the journey. What would have been advantages and disadvantages of having more dogs along on the trip?