Part 2: The Great Dakota Boom

Questions: Sections 6-9

Comprehension Questions

  1. Scandinavians are people from what five countries?
  2. What areas of North Dakota did the Norwegians settle first?
  3. What custom did Finnish immigrants bring with them to North Dakota?
  4. Which group of immigrants came mostly in colonies?
  5. What company was involved in developing towns and bringing colonies of immigrants to northern Dakota?
  6. What was the largest group of immigrants who settled in North Dakota? Second largest?
  7. Who was the Russian leader who invited colonies of Germans to move to Russia? How long did the German colonists stay in Russia?
  8. Who brought ten thousand German-Russians to south-central North Dakota?
  9. Which group of immigrants was noted for their strong work ethic?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Why was education so important to the Scandinavian immigrants?