Part 2: The Great Dakota Boom

Questions: Sections 1-2

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who signed the Homestead Act? When did it take effect? What did it offer?
  2. Following the requirements of homesteading and receiving the deed to the land was called what?
  3. Name six requirements for obtaining a homestead.
  4. The Timber Culture Act allowed individuals to obtain land by planting what?
  5. What law allowed individuals to buy land they were already living on?
  6. What area of the state had the first homestead claims?
  7. The name “Centralia” was changed to what? The name “Worthington” was changed to what?
  8. What did the Northern Pacific Railroad have to sell in North Dakota?
  9. Who was president of the Northern Pacific Railroad?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Explain why the first homesteading claims in northern Dakota were in the Pembina area.