Part 2: The Great Dakota Boom

Questions: Sections 10-11

Comprehension Questions

  1. The first English-speaking people in North Dakota came from where?
  2. Name some people with British Isles ancestry in early North Dakota history.
  3. Why was it easier for immigrants from the British Isles to adjust to the United States?
  4. What was another name for Bohemians?
  5. Areas around Belfield, Dickinson, and Wilton were settled by which eastern European immigrants?
  6. What was the main religion of the Arab-Americans?
  7. The Dutch were people who came from what country?
  8. The first non-Indian child born in North Dakota was a member of what race?
  9. Some Irish, Japanese, Italians, Chinese, and Greeks settled in North Dakota after working on what?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. If you had been Marie Downing, would you have given up your life in the British Royal Palace to homestead in North Dakota? Explain.