Part 3: Local Government

Questions: Sections 1-5

Comprehension Questions

  1. How many counties does North Dakota have?
  2. Where are the offices of county government located?
  3. What is the main governing body of a county called?
  4. Name the county officials and tell the main responsibility of each.
  5. What is a square measuring six miles on each side called?
  6. Name the elected officials who supervise the township government.
  7. Who determines what property is worth for tax purposes?
  8. What is a city law called?
  9. The state of North Dakota does not have authority over what sovereign nations located within the borders of the state?
  10. What people in the state are equal to the Governor of North Dakota?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Name the three forms of city government used in North Dakota and name a city for each form. (Answers may vary.)