Part 3: Climate

Questions: Section 3

Comprehension Questions

  1. The average weather that a certain place has over a long period of time is called what?

  2. Air in motion is called what?

  3. What area of the earth is the warmest all year long?

  4. What does warm air hold?

  5. Which rises, warm air or cold air?

  6. As air is heated and rises along the equator, where does wind take it?

  7. The most common winds in North Dakota blow from what direction?

  8. North Dakota is one of three states with the most what?

  9. The fast-moving current of air that affects weather in North Dakota and other areas is called what?

  10. What does the jet stream separate?

  11. What blocks moisture from the Pacific Ocean so that it does not reach North Dakota?

  12. What happens when warm air rises over cool air?

  13. Which part of North Dakota gets more moisture than other parts of the state?

  14. Which part of North Dakota is more humid than other parts of the state?

  15. Which part of North Dakota is the windiest?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Explain why the equator is hot, while the north and south poles are cold.

  2. Pretend you take an airplane trip from Bismarck to Seattle, Washington. It takes you three and one-half hours to fly from Bismarck to Seattle but only three hours to fly back from Seattle to Bismarck. Why?