Part 5: Culture of the American Indians of North Dakota

Questions: Section 8

Comprehension Questions

  1. The Plains Indians were deeply spiritual and believed in what?
  2. How did the American Indians believe that all humans and animals should be treated?
  3. What is the most sacred symbol of the American Indian?
  4. Name the powerful symbol of roundness that shows the circle of life.
  5. The number four is special to the Plains Indians. Give examples of groups of four in the natural world.
  6. Name the four values that were significant to the Plains Indians.
  7. Why were there no jails?
  8. The Indians believed that helping others was more important than what?
  9. What ceremony shows the importance of generosity?
  10. Name the custom of touching an enemy without killing him.
  11. Who deserved respect because of their wisdom?
  12. Which people were powerful in the Plains Indian cultures?
  13. What animal is sacred to the Plains Indian tribes because it gave its life so the people could survive?
  14. Buffalo Calf Woman told the people that the sacred pipe brings people together in what?
  15. What was used to purify the spirit?
  16. What was the most important religious ceremony of the Lakota and other Plains Indians?
  17. What ceremony was a common way to cleanse and purify the body, mind, and spirit?
  18. What object is sacred for American Indians because it is a symbol of the Creator?
  19. According to U.S. law, who may possess eagle feathers?
  20. At high school and college graduations, American Indians sometimes wear what as part of their graduation regalia?
  21. What does an eagle feather bring to the person wearing it?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. If a law were passed that totally banned smoking everywhere, would Indians have to give up their ceremonies in which smoking is done? Explain.