Part 5: Culture of the American Indians of North Dakota

Questions: Sections 1-2

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who makes up an extended family?
  2. Which people were the most respected members of the tribe?
  3. Who were considered to be the most precious people in a family?
  4. What did a mother use to carry her baby safely on her back?
  5. How were children expected to learn?
  6. How did adults treat the children so that they would learn to be kind to all living things?
  7. What did many of the children’s games copy?
  8. When a boy was becoming a man, he would go out by himself to have what?
  9. Why were women thought of as being closer to the Great Spirit than men?
  10. When a man wanted to get married, what was the most valuable gift he could give his bride’s family?
  11. When a couple got married, where would they often live?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Why were there usually more women than men?