Part 5: Culture of the American Indians of North Dakota

Questions: Section 3

Comprehension Questions

  1. The word “tipi” is a Sioux word that means what?
  2. What is a cone-shaped tent covered with hides called?
  3. What is the permanent home of the agricultural tribes called?
  4. Because there were no yards in the earthlodge villages, where did the children and dogs play?
  5. What kept the children and dogs from falling into the smoke holes?
  6. Where did adults sleep in the earthlodges?
  7. Where did children sleep in the earthlodges?
  8. Earthlodges were common homes of which tribes?
  9. What was the main type of home used by the Chippewa people?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Tipis, earthlodges, and wigwams all had smoke holes in their roofs. Why did the smoke go out of these holes rather than just spreading out and filling up the home with smoke?
  2. Why would wigwams be better than earthlodges as homes for people who lived in forested areas?