Part 1: Citizenship

Questions: Sections 1-2

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is a large group of people organized under one government called?
  2. A group of people who makes rules for the nation is called what?
  3. What are members of a nation called?
  4. In what two ways can citizenship be obtained?
  5. What is allegiance?
  6. What does sovereign mean?
  7. What did Great Britain set up along the Atlantic coast in the 1600s and early 1700s?
  8. What were the leaders who established the United States called?
  9. What are the natural rights that the Founding Fathers thought needed to be protected?
  10. What was the document called which stated that the colonies would form a sovereign nation?
  11. What war was fought in order for the colonies to become independent from Great Britain??
  12. What is a government called that is ruled by the people?
  13. In what plan of democracy do the people elect representatives to speak for them in the government?
  14. What was the plan of government called that the Founding Fathers wrote?

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. A couple who have always lived in North Dakota are on vacation in Mexico when their baby is born. How does the child become a U.S. citizen?

  2. Do you think it would have been easy for the 13 British colonies to unite? Explain.