What About Us?

How wind power affects the people of North Dakota:

A wind turbine under construction
Bison Wind Energy Center Construction: A wind turbine under construction at the Bison Wind Energy Center. Photo courtesy of Minnesota Power/ALLETE.
  • North Dakota wind farms can power over 500,000 average homes on the electrical grid.
  • No pollution results from wind generation.
    • Wind energy is considered "clean" energy.
  • The development of wind farms contributes to the economyAn economy (ee-KON-ah-me) refers to the money or possessions created by managing the goods and resources of a region. of North Dakota.
    • Nearly $5 million ($5,000,000) is paid each year to landowners who allow wind turbines to be on their land.


Off-loading a wind turbine nacelle
Off-loading the Nacelle: A nacelle for the Minnesota Power/ALLETE's Bison Wind Energy Center arrives by ship in Duluth, Minnesota. Photo courtesy of Minnesota Power/ALLETE.
  • North Dakota's wind industry provides jobs.
    • North Dakota factories make or assemble products for the wind industry.
      • These include building steel towers for turbines, making turbine blades, and assembling turbine nacelles.A nacelle (nah-SEL) is the structure behind the blade of a wind turbine that holds the drive shafts, gear box, and generator.
    • The wind industry also offers opportunities for electricians, power line workers, and people who work in building, operating, and maintaining the turbines.