Part 2: Early History of American Indians in North Dakota

Questions: Sections 5-6

Comprehension Questions

  1. The Plains Nomadic people may have been ancestors to what two later groups?
  2. Which modern tribe continued the lifestyle of the Woodland people?
  3. Evidence has been found that the Woodland and Plains Nomadic people did a lot of what?
  4. What was the first metal used by people in this area?
  5. What was found in North Dakota that came from both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts?
  6. What was discovered in sites hundreds of miles from where it was mined?
  7. The Plains Village people were descendants of whom?
  8. What was the first Plains Village group of people to become a modern Indian tribe?
  9. From where did the Hidatsa people come?
  10. Where and when did the Hidatsa people settle?

Critical Thinking Question

  1. How did the Plains Nomadic people get this name?