Part 1: American Indians of North Dakota

Questions: Section 2

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is a large group of people in an area who are organized under one government called?
  2. When a nation can govern itself, it is called what kind of nation?
  3. Name the three large sovereign nations on the continent of North America.
  4. People from countries on the continent of Europe are called what?
  5. What is a sovereign nation of American Indians called?
  6. What is land reserved for Indians called?
  7. What is an agreement made between the U.S. government and an Indian tribe called?
  8. Tribal members are citizens of what two nations?
  9. Where is each tribe headquartered?
  10. Name the five nations, or tribes, located in North Dakota.

Critical Thinking Question

  1. Explain why state laws do not apply to Indian reservations.