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Native Americans in North Dakota



North Dakota Passes Landmark Legislation

A flagship education act, North Dakota Senate Bill 2304, was signed into law on April 23, 2021 by Governor Doug Burgum. The law sets a new precedent in the state of North Dakota and serves as an example of tribal-state partnerships in advancing Native education for all.

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Curriculum Resources Being Developed for North Dakota Educators

The curriculum for this initiative will be housed on this website and will be known as Native Americans in North Dakota. Curriculum will have an emphasis on all federally-recognized tribes in North Dakota. The lesson plans will be focused on tribal history, sovereignty, culture, current events, and treaty rights.

Get Started

There’s no need to wait to begin incorporating Native American history into K-12 learning experiences.  North Dakota educators are encouraged to create content at this time from readily available resources.  Lesson plans and activities can be added at any time as a social studies unit covering United States history.

Currently Available Curriculum Resources for North Dakota Educators

A wealth of information about the Indigenous peoples of North Dakota already exists and is available for use by North Dakota educators. Although is content was originally created as a unit for 4th graders, educators are encouraged to adapt this curriculum to fit other age groups.

ND Resources

ND Studies 4th Grade Unit: American Indians of North Dakota | North Dakota Studies (

The Smithsonian Museum and other reputable organizations provide additional curriculum resources for educators. Visit the following links to access lesson plans, activities and interactive teaching tools.


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