Governing ND


Governing North Dakota, 2015-2017 is a collaborative publication of the North Dakota Studies program and the University of North Dakota’s Bureau of Governmental Affairs. This biennial textbook is intended to provide up-to-date information about North Dakota’s governmental system and includes updates from the 2013 North Dakota Legislative Assembly.

Governing North Dakota, 2015-2017 is an especially valuable guide to teaching about the relationship between state and federal governments and the three branches of North Dakota government. Knowing that all government is local, considerable discussion is also provided on county, city, township, and special governmental units.

Teacher Manual

The purpose of the Teacher Manual is to assist the teacher in teaching Governing North Dakota, 2015-2017. It is intended to be interdisciplinary and to act as a guide to supplement other activities that may be used in the classroom. Chapter worksheets, and the accompanying answer key, are also available in CD-ROM format.

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