Industry and Careers

North Dakota’s energy rankings in the United States (as of 2023):

Crude Oil Production - #3

Ethanol Production - #10

Coal Production - #5

Wind Production - #6

Total Energy Production - #2

Natural Gas Production - #10

Total Electricity Generation - #33


Careers in the energy field:

Energy Workers
  • Approximately 41,000 North Dakota workers have jobs related to the energy industry.
  • Most North Dakota colleges and universities have courses related to careers in energy fields. *See Career Information page for more details.
  • Energy careers are in high-demand. That means that there are more open positions in the field, and it is typically easier to find a job.
    • Many energy careers are high-wage jobs.
      • In 2021, approximately 18,788 North Dakota workers have jobs in director or support positions for the energy industries of oil and gas extraction, coal mining, utilities, and pipeline transportation, with an estimated annual wage of approximately $114,111. These statistics do not include the employment or wages in businesses related to the energy field, like trucking, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and repair services.