GR8 Standards

Grade 8 Social Studies Standards

North Dakota Century Code 15.1-21-01: North Dakota Studies Course Requirement

Each North Dakota public and nonpublic elementary and middle school shall provide students instruction in North Dakota Studies, with an emphasis on the geography, history, and agriculture of the state, in the fourth and eighth grades.

Standard ND 6-12.1: Examine the physical and human geography of North Dakota and how it has changed.
ND 6-12.1.1 Identify the three landscape regions of North Dakota and describe the major features of the regions and the forces that formed them.
ND 6-12.1.2 Explain the human settlement patterns in North Dakota.
ND 6-12.1.3 Interpret current thematic maps to identify where people live and work and how land is used.
Standard ND 6-12.2: Explain the development and functions of North Dakota’s state and local governments, tribal governments, and the role of citizens.
ND 6-12.2.1 Describe the structure, role, and formation of tribal governments, both present and past, in North Dakota.
ND 6-12.2.2 Describe the formation, structure, and modern role of the territorial, state, county, and local government of North Dakota.
ND 6-12.2.3 Explain the impact of political organizations and individual citizens on the political systems and institutions of North Dakota.
Standard ND 6-12.3: Evaluate the major industries and economic activities in North Dakota.
ND 6-12.3.1 Describe the early economic activities of our state prior to 1900 and how they developed into North Dakota’s modern economy.
ND 6-12.23.2 Identify the current economic activities in the state of North Dakota and evaluate their positive and negative impact.
Standard ND 6-12.4: Analyze the historical and currents events and their impact on the development of North Dakota.
ND 6-12.4.1 Identify the Native American groups in North Dakota before European contact and describe their culture.
ND 6-12.4.2 Analyze European exploration and early settlement of North Dakota and its impact on Native American groups.
ND 6-12.4.3 Describe the major factors that brought settlers to North Dakota.
ND 6-12.4.4 Analyze the effect of government policy, both historical and modern toward Native American groups in North Dakota.
ND 6-12.4.5 Evaluate the growth and struggles of the modernization of North Dakota and the role the state has played in modern America.
ND 6-12.4.6 Use various primary and secondary resources to acquire, analyze, and evaluate information.


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