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Image is of Double Ditch State Historic Site at night with the auroras overhead.

Double Ditch State Historic Site. Johnathan Campbell

From ND to Mars

Let Us Tell You Our Story

North Dakota is leading the way in space exploration. Will you be the first recruit to colonize Mars? Bismarck native Jon Rask is a research scientist in the Space Biosciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center and his research focuses on human and robotic space exploration.

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North Dakota Technology Turns Up Everywhere

North Dakota has strong connections to research and innovation. From water management to self-driving tractors, learn how North Dakota is reaching to Mars, Antarctica, and changing the agriculture industry.

Notable North Dakotans

Learn about engineers, physicists, and astronauts from North Dakota.

The first plants to be tested on the International Space Station were Arabidopsis and dwarf wheat.

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ND Tested Tech to Mars

An Inflatable Lunar Mars Analog Habitat (ILMAH) project is underway at the University of North Dakota. Space Studies program research tracks how people on Mars might live and work.

Request an ND Studies Night Sky Trunk and other resources for your classroom.

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