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Habitats of North Dakota

Woodlands Activities

Debate Ideas

Have students debate whether woodlands should or should not be cleared for development of homes.

Formal Debate Guidelines

Graphic Organizers

Have students create a Mind Map showing the types of trees found in North Dakota woodlands, showing characteristics of each type.

Have students graphically show the parts of a forest ecosystem.

Map Skills

Have students locate on a North Dakota Map the location of the woodlands found in North Dakota.

Poet "Tree"

Have students write poetry following types and examples listed at this link.

Have students draw a tree covering an entire sheet of paper. Within the tree, write adjectives or other words they think of when describing or thinking about their tree.

Venn Diagram

Using a Two - Circled Venn Diagram, compare and contrast the deciduous and coniferous trees found in North Dakota.

Using a Three - Circled Venn Diagram, compare and contrast the three types of forest ecosystems found in North Dakota: native forests, rural plantings, and community forests.


A Bluebird Quest is where students can work in small groups according to the directions given in the webquest to complete the assignment.

Writing Activities

Have the students take on the role of the trees in the world and then write a story describing in detail how their role as the “lungs” of the world is important to everyone and for everything to survive.

Children's Literature Checklist