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Stick Passing Game

Stick Passing Game

Arrange the students in a circle. Give one child a bone, and give each of the other students a stick (e.g., popsicle stick, twig).

Keep a beat with a drum. Players pass the sticks and bone in time with the beat in the following fashion: Tap the stick (or bone) on the ground (first beat), tap it again (second beat), pass it to the player on your right while receiving from the player on the left (third beat), change the new stick (or bone) from the left hand to the right hand (fourth beat).

When the music stops, the player holding the bone gives the bone to the player on his right, then leaves the circle, joining the rhythm makers and keeping beat with drums, bells, or hand clapping. The winner of the game is the last child to remain in the circle.

Information from the Powwow Celebration Box