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Stick Game

Stick Game

Materials Needed

  • 4 popsicle sticks or tongue depressors
  • 12 counting sticks (toothpicks)
  • Permanent marker

  1. Mark one side of one popsicle stick with a design. Leave the other side blank. Be creative with your designs.
  2. Mark another popsicle stick with another design, leaving the other side blank.
  3. Mark the remaining two popsicle sticks the same, leaving the opposite side blank.
  4. Either two players can play or two teams can play. Each player plays against the person sitting across from him or her.
  5. Use the 12 toothpicks for keeping score. Place them in a pile between the two players.
  6. To play, hold the four stick dice (popsicle sticks) in your hand, and then drop them to the ground.
  7. Count your score according to the number of points for each stick combination. Take that many counting sticks.
  8. When the counting sticks are all taken from the pile on the ground, the players should begin taking them from each other’s pile. The first player (or team) to earn all 12 sticks wins the game.

3 blank and 1 design
2 of the same design and 1 of each design
2 blank and 2 different designs
2 blanks and 1 of each design
1 blank and 1 of each design

More information can be found in the book

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