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State Capital

State Capital

Bismarck is the Capital of the state of North Dakota.

State Capitol Complex

North Dakota has enjoyed two statehouses, the first constructed during the territorial period (1883-84), five years before statehood in 1889. Fire consumed that Capitol on the night of December 28, 1930.

The second and present Capitol was completed in 1934, in the depths of the Great Depression. North Dakota's new Capitol was built for approximately $2 million—just 46 cents per cubic foot! During construction of the Capitol, WPA workers (Works Progress Administration) made 30 cents per hour and went on strike to get 50 cents.

The current Capitol building is 241 feet and 8 inches in height. The Legislative Wing and Memorial Hall of the State Capitol are 294 feet long, east-to-west.

Construction of the Judicial Wing to the Capitol building began in 1977, and state agencies began moving into the new wing in 1980. The Judicial Wing is 168,400 square feet and was built for a cost of $10,500,000. The Judicial Wing was dedicated on November 15, 1981, with both Governor Allen Olson and former Governor Arthur A. Link taking part in the ceremony.

The Judicial Wing is 300 feet long, east-to-west; there is a four-story atrium with skylights at the east side entrance.

At the present time the Capitol Complex is made up of 132 acres.

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