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Early Settlement of North Dakota

Literature for Classroom Use

Authors Titles
Bedard, M. The Divide
ISBN: 0-385-32124-4
Bouchard, D. If You’re not from the prairie…
ISBN: 0-689-82035-6
Prairie Born
ISBN: 1-55143-092-4
Chambers, C.E. Frontier Dream: Life on the Great Plains
ISBN: 0-8167-6333-X
Freedman, R. Children of the Wild West
ISBN: 0-395-54785-7
Graves, K. A. Going to School in Pioneer Times
ISBN: 0-7368-0804-3
Harvey, B. My Prairie Christmas
ISBN: 0-8234-0827-2
My Prairie Year: Based on the Diary of Elenore Plaisted
ISBN: 0-8234-0604-0
Kalman, B. A One-Room School
ISBN: 0-86505-517-3
King, D.C. Wild West Day
ISBN: 0-471-23919-4
Knight, A.S. The Way West: Journal of a Pioneer Woman
ISBN: 0-671-72375-8
Levine, E. …If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island
ISBN: 0-590-46134-6
Love, D.A. Dakota Spring
ISBN: 0-440-91306-3
MacLachlan, P. Sarah, Plain and Tall
ISBN: 0-440-84000-7
Moss, M. Rachel’s Journal
ISBN: 0-439-09870-X
Turner, A. Dakota Dugout
ISBN: 0-689-71296-0
Van Leeuwen, J. Going West
ISBN: 0-8037-1027-5
Williams, D. Grandma Essie’s Covered Wagon
ISBN: 0-679-80253-3
Plains Humanities Alliance gives an annotated bibliography of Great Books of the Great Plains: North Dakota, compiled by David Martinson, English Lecturer, North Dakota State University, and Thomas Isern, History Professor, North Dakota State University.
SHS Museum Store is from the State Historical Society, and it gives a list of children’s books found in their museum store.
Amazon gives a list of almost 200,000 children’s literature books with the word “pioneer” in the title. There are many useful books included for the topic of early settlement.