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Suitcase Exhibits for North Dakota (SEND) Trunks

SEND Trunks

What was it like to hunt bison and grow corn many hundreds of years ago? To watch boom towns spring up along miles of newly-laid railroad track? What events in our state’s history shape present-day energy development?

Suitcase Exhibits for North Dakota (SEND), a program of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, offers trunks that provide hands-on experiences for learners of all ages. SEND can be used by schools and other community groups. The artifacts, photographs, and documents allow participants to explore the past by actions like experimenting with bone tools, playing with nineteenth century toys, or handling the furs sought by fur traders and the objects used in daily life by a frontier soldier.


Suitcase Exhibits for North Dakota (SEND) - FlipBook | PDF

To Order a SEND Trunk: Please download SEND application form

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